Do you suffer from Excusitus?

This is a terrible disease that effects many cyclists daily. Many extremely talented athletes are performing well below their potential because of excusitis!  They are getting fewer results than they should and probably not even getting to reach the goals they set because of it.

This condition is where the athlete finds all sorts of excuses to defend their poor performance and results or lack of training.

Have you ever found yourself thinking that you do not have what it takes to reach your goals?  People that suffer from excusitus usually have a book of excuses they can pull which can include everything from “If only I had the time to train”, “If only I had more energy” or “I’d do that event if only I had…” etc..

One thing you might notice is that all the above statements are self inflicted negative thoughts. The excuses made are so powerful that the athlete who makes them tends to believe that they are true.

Remember, your belief in something determines your thoughts and in turn, your reality. If you believe you don’t have the time, talent or ability to complete the goals, then guess what? You’re right!

“Whether You Believe You Can, Or You Can’t, You Are Right”Henry Ford

If you choose to believe that you have the ability to succeed and exclude any excuses, soon you will begin to believe in yourself and your ability to reach your goals.

Once you change your thinking and determine how you can make the time, train smarter, or boost your energy, then you are on your way to curing yourself of this terrible disease.

Sooooooo to cure excusitis: CHOOSE to take responsibility for your performance and just DO IT. Refuse to make excuses for yourself. Develop a ‘can-do’ attitude when it comes to all your goals.

Refuse to entertain negative thoughts and instead of thinking “I can’t do it” replace it with a reason why you CAN do it! Ask yourself – What CAN I do today to reach my targets?

Cure your excusitis today! JUST DO IT!!!!


Photos Thanks To: skeeze / Pixabay