male-907572The “Going In The Zone Programme for Leaders” is perfect for you if you are a coach or manager working with individuals or teams.

Coaches increasingly recognise the importance of the psychology of performance and their role in helping athletes learn how to master the mental game and perform in the “Zone”.  The programme is aimed at helping coaches understand the mental side of sport and how athletes act, think and feel when they workout or compete.

More importantly, I also provide critical information and practical exercises coaches can use to help athletes develop the mental training tools and skills necessary to enhance their mental toughness and achieve excellence in sport and life.

Coaches frequently face issues such as:alan with IAF team2

  • How do I become a better motivator?
  • How do I get the individual or the team to develop the winning habit?
  • How can I get them to develop mental toughness to keep going through the pain barrier?
  • What should I do to calm pre-event anxiety and still deliver
  • What can I say to address a collective lack of confidence in a team
  • How do I create a collective belief to get on a winning run?
  • What level of self-belief and ambition is required to attack any play, any shot – or any situation?

When you take do the Going In The Zone Programme as a coach you will gain a better grasp of mental toughness training by presenting a clear understandable road map for teaching and implementing a mental training program for your athletes.

I can also help you:

  • Assess what you might be doing or saying to affect your athlete’s confidence
  • Say and do the right thing to boost their confidence before and after competition.
  • Help your athletes’ thrive in sports with 4 key questions you should always ask after games.
  • Encourage your athlete to play their best without pressuring them
  • Understand what is holding your athlete back from a relaxed and focused performance in competition.
  • Apply mental toughness skills to boost performance, make lasting changes, and help them succeed in both sports and in life.

I know that young athletes are not getting vital psychological training for sport because I see their behaviours on the field of play, on the court and on the road. I see young athletes get frustrated with their play and becoming so upset that they cannot perform.

I see teams of young athletes going into competition unprepared and losing to teams of lesser skill. I see young athletes losing so much confidence in their ability and interest in their sport that they consider dropping out of their sport completely.

I have developed the programme to incorporate what young athletes should be learning and what can be said and done to keep them progressing on a path to enjoyable success.

What Other Coaches Have Said About The Programme

Padraig Marrey, Ireland’s Highest Qualified Cycling Coach
Padraig talks about the Mental Toughness course he attended run by Alan Heary.
padraig_marrey“I would recommend this programme to all athletes, no matter what disipline you do, I would also recommend it to coaches because it gives you tools that you can bring into your sporting environment and into your coaching sessions.  It has been invaluable”.
 Ciaran Conlan – National Athletics Coach and Trainer of Inter County Teams
 Ciaran Conlon “I  always get Alan to work with any team I am coaching.  He always manages to get the best out of everyone and is fantastic to work with.  His lectures are always informative and interactive.  I can without a doubt recommend Alan’s program.”  
 PJ Nolan – Former Cycling Ireland President and Cycling Team Manager 
PJ Nolan“He manages to blend his vast amount of academic knowledge into information that is precise and easy to understand and I would have no hesitation in recommending his approach to mental preparation for either individual or team competition”