Say what you want

If I could give you one piece of knowledge that would help your performance or your coaching immediately, this would be it…..

The human mind cannot process negative instruction! Yep….that’s it!

Why is it so important to understand this concept?

How many times have you either heard or given a negative instruction, for example “don’t put your head down when you are in a hard effort” or “don’t look back”.  If I tell you NOT to think of your right hand or the position it is in right now, where is your attention brought to? The very thing you were told not to focus on!

So how do I get you to NOT focus on your right hand? I ask you to focus on your left one.  How do I get you NOT to look back? I ask you to keep looking straight ahead.  This sounds very simple and just common sense but in my work I find people see things as common sense but they don’t make it common practice.

By using this very effective principle of positive instruction -Stating what you want rather than what you don’t want you can have a very powerful positive effect on your mind and ultimately your performance.

So now you recognise it as common sense go and make it common practice!



Photo Thanks To: skeeze / Pixabay