Mental Preparation for your event – Know the route

Whether your racing or completing your first charity event understanding the course you will be on is vital for your mental preparation.

Here are some really good tips to doing a recon of your event course

  1. Ride the course or part of the course – for example you might ride some of the hills on the course
  2. If you are racing, know where the finish line is. Many a racing cyclist gets caught out near the finish because they don’t know exactly where it is and find themselves in a terrible position for the sprint
  3. Ride the course or part of it on your own to stop distractions from others
  4. If there is a part of the course, for example a tight corner near the finish that you just can’t get, repeat it till you do
  5. If you can’t get out on the course, use google earth where you can check the terrain and profile


Photos Thanks To: Hans / Pixabay