Webinar – Going in the Zone for Sport – A Starter’s Guide

Are you Prepared for Going in the Zone?

Mental Toughness Programme – Webinar!

Alan Heary will host an free introductory webinar on November 22nd to guide you through the first two modules of his exciting new personal development programme and help you to analyse your current mental strength.

Alan will also share his process for setting goals for greater success and answer questions on his innovative new approach to mental toughness.

‘Going in the Zone’ is the exciting new programme for sports that helps develop techniques and systems to ensure that you will be ‘in the Zone’ when it’s time to focus on your next sports performance goal.


What is ‘The Zone”?

There are times when your performance is perfect. Times when there are no thoughts, movements are effortless, and time appears to be transcended. This is what is known as ‘Going In The Zone.’

You may only have experienced it occasionally. But it was, doubtless, an unforgettable moment. You’ve heard all about it, you’ve read about it. So how can you achieve this state regularly and at will? How do you eliminate distractions and consistently perform with confidence, control and commitment?

Alan Heary is one of the acknowledged leaders in the increasingly important world of mental fitness. Over the years Heary has helped athletes and performers at the very top of their profession to maximise their potential.

World Champion boxers, Olympic cyclists, athletes, professional soccer players and teams, as well as the cream of Ireland’s GAA community are among the clients that Heary has worked with and now he’s ready to pass on the lessons learned from those collaborations.

Going in the Zone is the result of a three-year development programme to craft the ideal plan to ensure that you are properly prepared for the challenge you face. Rather than thinking of mental toughness as something to ‘bolt on’ after working on physical fitness, Heary has crafted an integrated approach to total fitness.

To celebrate the launch of Going in the Zone, the first 2 modules are available free.