What is Confidence?

I thought I might give you an overview of what confidence is before we start looking at ways of improving it.

Confidence is a state of mind that comes from knowing you have the resources and abilities to be successful in whatever event you are taking part in. It is also the belief that you can get the resources and abilities needed to reach your goals.

When you are confident you feel positive, optimistic and in control of your emotions and anxiety level. You expect t do well in your event and act with confidence.  When you have a low sense of confidence you have a feeling of pessimism, doubt , anxiety creeps up and you may even dread having to train or compete.

It is important to understand that confidence is not a steady state and can vary greatly from season to season, week to week, day to day or even in the middle of a race.  It is also worth noting that confidence is not something you are born with. It is learned and developed through experiences both successful ones and failures and the way you have viewed these.

It has also been influenced by your coaches, parents, friends and the amount of time and effort you have put into preparation for your event.  A huge part of your development of confidence is related to way you deal with mistakes you make.  Successful athletes tend to view their mistakes as opportunities to learn. If you are constantly criticised by others or even worse – yourself then this has a very negative influence on your confidence.


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Photos Thanks To: Unsplash / Pixabay